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Executive MBA Admission, Eligibility & Duration

Executive master of Business Administration is known as EMBA. The duration of the course is usually one or two years. This course is designed especially for working professionals who want to improve their present qualification. Several nuances in marketing, management and administration can be learnt in this programme. It is a distance learning course which will have regular classes for about a week or ten days at the end of the course. Students have to attend the college compulsorily.

Students should possess graduate degree with good marks. They must be working professionals with relevant work experience of 2-15 years. Depending on the demand, there may be an entrance exam as well.

Course details
Since all the students have work experience the course content is devised to enhance their working knowledge. Subjects like Statistics, Financial Management, Human Resources Development, Industrial Relations, Operations Management, Cost Accounting, Organizational Behaviour and Economics are taught. Students will have to submit assignments related to the subject at the end of the course. The course will be an interactive one and students can clarify their doubts through internet or video conferencing. 

Job Prospects
As mostly working professionals opt for the course, they can aim for promotion in their present jobs. Prospects for changing the jobs also increase. Qualified managers can pursue rewarding careers in the industry.


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For Enquiries

I request Aplomb representative to contact me.

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